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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Impact of mobility: bade ka ghost, chhote ka ghost

What is the impact of upward mobility on Dalits? They have changed their names and surnames. They have started living in tenements and apartments, fully furnished, equipped with washing machines and refrigerators, air conditioners and hair conditioners. Their parents used to live in crowded chawls with common roofs and toilets. When they lived in chawls, they used to drink tea made up of jaggery, now they have discarded Jaggery, a symbol of cultural backwardness. In chawls they gluttonously devoured mutton of big animals like cows and bullocks, bade ka ghost. Now, they prefer mutton of sheep and goats, chhote ka ghost. Their language was rude and rustic, heavily influenced by accent of their colloquial dialects. Now, they speak urbanised, sophisticated Gujarati. They have been civilised ready to take on the world. I would not have been saddened if they have stopped here. But, quite disgustingly, they have started building their settlements on lines of their paraganas (not just sub castes), like patanwadas and two eighty twos, like chhedals and chuwals. They were more united in their chawls, the so called hell. Now, in their heaven, they are divided, intentionally and intuitively!

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