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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Art of breastfeeding

Manav Sadhana Trust, an NGO celebrated International Breastfeeding Week at Ramapir’s Tekra in Ahmedabad. Ramapir’s Tekra is a big locality where Dalits and other marginalized people live. Trust gathered audience of ‘ready made’ Dalit-Poor women on Tekra, invited prominent pediatricians and these experts lectured these illiterate women on advantages of breastfeeding. The poor women were buried under heaps of advice which could have actually been given to affluent, puppy-loving, women who are desperate to ‘maintain’ their figure and feed their kids on ‘cerelac’.

In fact, poor women have nothing to give their loved ones but their milk. They need healthy food; they need free medical insurance which can protect them against deadly disease. And above all, they need such a chief minister in this state who does not throw Rs. 430 million in dustbin of Supreme Court just to hamper appointment of a Lokayukt. My ‘Poor’ sisters of Ramapir’s Tekra are, unfortunately, not as skillful as chief minister of this state who, without any breast, without any milk have been breastfeeding sixty million people since last ten years….

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