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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

black and dalit

Black can't come from white. White can come from black. That means black was first. Black is supreme and white is depended on black. Genetically, white is recessive. ‘Recessive’ has the same Latin root as ‘recess’, it means retreat of minus. If you were in France, for white you’d say blanc, in Spanish blanco. The English equivalent of blanc or blanco is not white but ‘blank’. The white people constitute a race that is blank- that has lost its pigmentation”.

Aryans were white. The original inhabitants of India were black. Aryans called them Dasyu, Shudra, Anarya, Avarna. The Avarnas were first. Avarna is supreme and Savarna is depended on Avarna. Genetically, Savarna is weak and it can rule only with the help of divine curse. The Aryan gods were white - Indra, Marut, Agni, Ram, etc. later, in the ‘melting pot’ of India, Aryans and Shudras populace mixed giving birth to brown people and their ‘colored’ god – Krishna.

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