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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kanshiramji and Mayavati

I heard Kanshiramji in 1983-84 in Ambedkar Hall, Ahmedabad. It was BAMCEF conference. Babaldas Chavada and Vishvash Parmar were the organisers. BSP was not launched at that time, but the process was already underway. “Leaders like Kanshiram are wondering with letter-pad of his party with him in his bag,” such was comment of one leading columnist Vasudev Maheta in daily ‘Sandash’. I still remember the comment. Nobody knows the people who were with Kanshiramji during that period. Who knows Mukesh Vora, who was with Sahab on that night, when he slept on newspapers under Kalupur Railway Bridge after gumming and sticking posters on the walls of Ahmedabad city? Who knows Mahesh Vaghela of Bharuch, who used to purchase under wares for Sahab before 30 years?

The world is mad after power. We have seen in Gujarat. The party office is thronged by ticket hungry people during elections and everybody dreams winning all 182 seats of Gujarat. And After election nobody knows where all those people talking on mission disappear to grab commission. The fact is that everybody wants to become Mayavati. Nobody wants to become Kanshiramji. Because, Mayavati signifies power. Kanshiramji signifies the foundation.

It is not easy to become Kanshiramji, because the meaning of being Kanshiramji is to become the foundation. The meaning of being Kanshiramji is the dedication of whole life, incessant cycle rallies, constant mass contact, importance of organisation and commitment to people. Ninety percent people use to see the result, they seldom see the process. One legend rendered political, social and organisational capital of his life to one unknown girl and gave her an opportunity to write one of the glorious chapters in the history of Dalits.

That opportunity has slipped now. If you want to repeat the history again, you will need Kanshiramji. You will need Kanshiramji in every state of the country, because, if you had Kanshiramji, Mayavati would be possible. If there were a foundation, there would be the palace. Regrettably, we do not want to become Kanshiramji, because nobody among us wants to die of paralysis. 

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  1. Mayawati Fails to lead our BSP Movement. her one time plan is to loot the public money in the name of Buddha. We are not part with Sarvjan Movement. we are part with Bahujan Movement.

    It is our time to save our Bahujan Movement from Mayawati, because this movement controlled by Brahmins. so you too join with our National Campaign "Remove Mayawathi; Save BSP"