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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mr. balkrishnan, use quasi-judicial power of commission

police was saying, "motherfuckers, dheds,
 your father is scavenging in village and
 you  are doing this here."
(dalit student beaten by Rajkot police.
recorded in our documentary
 'my father's statue)

Last year, I was invited by National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) to witness its hearing held at Nagpur. It was hearing where NCPCR summoned concerned officers using its quasi-judicial powers and in the presence of complainants commission asked concerned officers on relevant complaints. In this sense present hearing can not be called hearing.   

On 14th April, 2011, Dalit students in Rajkot city were severely beaten by police. The police barged into hostel, broke the doors, windows, thrashed students, beat them mercilessly and then locked them behind bars. Look at these photographs of students. I wrote a letter to IG, but he didn’t reply. The Gujarat police have become broker of estate brokers. Look at this photograph. The police stations of Gujarat are displaying hoardings of land mafias, land sharks. What is the meaning of this ‘may I help you’ board on police station? This is the rotten state of Gujarat police. The commission must order Gujarat police to remove these boards from police stations.

Before two months this government has postponed hearing of NCPCR. Chief Secretary Mr. Joti, Minister Mr. Fakir Vaghela requested NCPCR to postpone the hearing. Mr. Sanjay Prasad (Secretary, Social welfare) is here. He knows what has happened. This government doesn’t want to be exposed. We demand full fledged hearing where all police officers are summoned by the commission and in the presence of complainants the hearing must be held.

(my presentation before NHRC in Ahmedabad on 14 May, 2012)

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