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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Two good news from battlefield Thangadh

Suresh Gogia surrounded by cops after massacre


The real hero of Than, Suresh Gogia, will be free on bail. Justice Sonia Gokani has granted his bail 22 February, 2013. It is said that, when the bodyguard of Mr. Kotad (DySP, Limbadi), was firing from his AK-47 and killing innocent dalit youths, Suresh Gogia rushed to save them. But, he was beaten, tortured and arrested. I have written about him on November 10, 2012 in my Hindi blog दलित अधिकार the article गोगीया - थानगढ का असली हीरो, जो अभी भी जेल में हैGogia’s father Mr. Valjibhai is digging pits for BSNL at Rajkot. At the age of 61, everyday he travels 40 km from Than to Rajkot to maintain Gogia’s three children and wife. We filed Gogia's bail application through senior advocate and human rights activist Dr. Mukul Sinha.


After four months Killer cop Jadeja and other two accused in Thangadh dalit massacre case were arrested on February 23 2013. In December 2012, We convinced Amarsibhai, father of victim, to file writ petition through Dr. Mukul Sinha in Gujarat High Court and demanded immediate arrest of the accused. Dalits of Thangadh are very happy on hearing this news.

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