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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Training of 'safai kamdar' in karmakand

The provision of Rs. 22.50 lakh in budget of Gujarat to train ‘safai kamdar’ in karmakand is neither ‘revolutionary’ nor ‘reformist’. It is simply an eye wash. Since five years Gujarat government has already been wasting public money to train Guru Brahmin (a scheduled caste performing religious rites among SCs) in karmakand. Today majority of Guru Brahmins are leaving this profession, as it is not giving minimum amount to support family in these days of hardship.

Modi government should fill reservation quota, if it wants to give employment to Dalits. And if there is any idea of ‘samrasta’ behind this project, Modi should appoint dalits ‘pujaris’ in temples like Ambaji, Dhwarka, etc. The karmakand scheme for Guru Brahmins has failed. Another scheme for ‘safai kamdar’ will not serve the purpose. 

If Modi wants to reform Hindu religion, he can send government resolution to all Government offices including Gujarat High Court, to perform so-called Bhumi Pujans in public places with the help of ‘untouchable’ priests!


  1. Raju, you are a sharp analyzer but have missed the real motive of Modi this time : his agenda is to Hinduise all the Scheduled castes of Gujarat by offering them such silly sops one by one, and he has begun by Garos and Valmikis -- the minority castes among dalits and convert them into permanent Hindu vote-banks. the two shrewd majority castes -Vankars and Rohits - have already sniffed their interests by themselves and are joining BJP in bulks right from village to city level, as they once did with Congress.

  2. Neerav is right and putting some stress on logical side. Brahamins are shrewdly making money from temples. Dalits and OBCs are the backbone of temples economy. if we stop the visits to most dirtiest places (temples). All Brahamins will be in beggar state. we are only responsible for it. Because we are very selfish and greedy for blessings of artificial gods and goddess.

  3. before Modi Gandhiji and his follower Jagjivanram had already 'hinduised' dalits. and BJP being legitimate child of congress doing same thing.