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Monday, June 30, 2014

sher ki surat, khargosh ka kaleja

When I called Swaminathan S A Aiyar ‘gadha’ (donkey) my ‘respected’ friend Rajiv Shah said the language was not appropriate. Yesterday I read article ‘sher ki surat, khargosh ka kaleja’, written by Mr. Aiyar in TOI. It confirms my views regarding Mr. Aiyar who writes, “Narendra Modi's fans expect him to extend his Gujarat model of development to all India. They think Modi's "tough love" will lead to hard decisions that hurt immediately, but later yield handsome dividends. They believe Modi will, as promised in his campaign pledges, treat Indians not as recipients of doles and subsidies but as aspirants seeking the jobs and opportunities created by rapid economic growth. Alas, a series of Modi's decisions last week were so populist, dithering and spineless as to make Manmohan Singh look a lion by comparison. In February, Singh proposed an increase of 14.2 % in rail fares and 6.5% in freight rates, and set the cost of a monthly suburban pass at the equivalent of 30 journeys a month, up from the earlier 15. The Election Commission postponed implementation till after the general election. Last week, the government said the Congress-proposed rates would be implemented from June 25, but backtracked after protests.”
Why our ‘learned’ friends like Mr. Aiyar could not see rank opportunism of Mr. Deshbhakt, who was on a slang-tour during his election campaign abusing all tom, dick and herry of Indian polity? Why they were not able to see within the ’56 inch breast’, which were blown up out of proportion just to fool Indian masses? I am really sorry. Our intellectuals are more spineless than our rulers like Mr. Modi.  

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