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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our first and foremost priority

Our first and foremost priority is to protect our people from atrocity,
Do not JUST SMS to your friends,
Do not JUST forward the message,
Do not JUST post on face book,
Do not JUST call a meeting and cry collectively,
Do not JUST spit your venom on imaginary so-called manuvadi enemies,
Do not JUST light a candle and join a silent protest,
Do not JUST write a poem or an article in a dalit magazine,
Do not JUST collect donation and sit on it,


Go to that village with an advocate or a person with legal knowledge, meet our people, sit with them and guide them how to write a complaint to DSP, district magistrate, DDO, TDO, social welfare mantralay, file FIR if it has not been filed, verify the facts and monitor the police investigation whether it is on right track or not, teach them how to approach government offices and get their complaints filed with signature on OC, next day follow up the matter with local youth and see that the fight concludes with its logical end. And in this process organize and agitate them.

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