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Monday, November 12, 2012

Guns meant for terroists used against Dalits

carbine gun

In Thangadh three Dalits (including two minor) were killed by .303 (point three not three) and automatic carbine rifles. This was mentioned in the FIRs filed by police against the Dalits. How fatal these rifles are! The moment you know about it, you would not last to talk about it!  .303 rifles have been used since decades.

In 1956 during MahaGujarat agitation (for separate Gujarat from erstwhile Bombay state) when .303 killed one Vinod Kinariwala, Morarji Desai said, “cartridges don’t have addresses of victims." Chiman Patel’s government killed more than 100 youths in famous Navnirman movement of 1975. The police used to shot the youths in the chests. Now, .303 have become obsolete against the terrorists as it is heavy having weight of 4.3 kg and it fires only 20 rounds in a minute. Kasab and his friends visited Mumbai with automatic rifles and within hours left 166 Indians floundered in blood pools. After Mumabi terrorist attack Indian Government decided to give 2000 automatic rifles to states having border with Pakistan. (see article of Dilip Patel in Times Mirror, 3 December, 2008).

Gujarat police were given these rifles and in Thangadh on 23 September, 2012, police used this carbine gun to kill Dalit boys. Carbine Gun is light weight (only 3.2 kg) and fires 650 rounds in a minute. Police used this gun in Thangadh without using water canon, lathicharge and tear gas. Now, it time Dalits defeat their docile, useless representatives who have become pet dogs of Modi in coming assembly elections.

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