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Friday, September 7, 2012

Helping hand to orphans

Our some leaders bark like dogs. They are great orators. But, when you ask them about their strategy, they will say we will reveal our strategy after some time. In fact, they do not have any strategy at all. This system is like an elephant. You have to take an ankush (अंकुश) and ride the elephant. Barking dogs will never upset elephant. Here, we produce some of the most fascinating stories of those warriors who simply deny barking and trying to ride the elephant and deliver justice at the door of victims. 

the story
Jitendra K. Dabhi and his wife Manjula, a poor Scheduled Caste Couple, were working as construction labourers. They resided at Rabari Vas, Ramapir Tekara, Old vadaj, Ahmedabad. They had two children, Bhavana (13) and Ajay (10). On site of construction a loaded cement bag fell on Manjula causing serious injuries, which subsequently resulted in her death on 31-1-98. Jitendra, shocked with wife’s death, died of massive heart attack within two month on D. 13-3-98.

On 19-3-98 relatives of the deceased gathered at his home to perform religious rites. During the ceremony, a notorious gang of Caste Hindus (Rabari) known for its land grabbing activities, attacked the congregation with sticks, threatened them, barged in to the home and forced both kids to leave their home. Then, the goons locked the house.

One relative Lakshmi, along with the children rushed to Naranpura police Station, but police refused to lodge their complaint. After four days again during sacrament ceremony, the hooligans attacked and threatened relatives and kids of the deceased to leave the place. Again, a relative went to Naranpura Police Station. Police refused to lodge the complaint and instead misbehaved with the victims, who, then, approached police commissioner office. As commissioner was not present, they filed a written complaint.

Next day, they again contacted police commissioner, who instructed them to meet SP Mr. S P Patel. After running from pillar to post, their complaint was accepted by Naranpura Police Station. Police filed Complaint under Indian Penal code, but did not include Atrocity Act. Though the complainants demanded for copy of F.I.R. they were not given the copy. No steps were taken. The goons took the possession of the house. The helpless orphans became homeless.

Council for Social Justice took up the cause of the orphan kids. Council compelled police to add section of atrocity act in the complaint and filed PIL in the High Court of Gujarat with photographs and substantive documentary evidences. Division bench of Chief Justice K. Shridharan and Justice A R Dave who ordered to send notices to Home secretary, Gujarat State, Police Commissioner Ahmedabad and police inspector Naranpura police Station. On 19-5-98division bench surprising of Chief justice K G Balakrishna and justice M H Kadari ordered for the rehabilitation of orphan children and to deposit Rs. Five Thousand in the name of kids can get interest of the deposited amount regularly. Court also ordered to initiate procedure to get the possession of the said house.

After the said order of the Court, deputy collector of Ahmedabad along with Mr. Valjibhai Patel, secretary of CSJ and police inspector of Naranpura Police Station took the possession of the illegally possessed house and gave it’s possession to orphan children. Special Police protection was given to the kids.

CSJ provided legal aid to the victims in the case prosecuted in the atrocity special court. As the investigation of the case was done by an officer below the rank of Dy SP, the accused was acquitted under atrocity act. CSJ again appealed in the High Court.

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