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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In a state of eternal nudity

“A policeman kicked part of my body from where I urinate," A nine year old boy do not know the word ‘penis’. This is the way he explains attack on his private parts. But, in Gujarat, the police who have been de-humanized since 2002 know exactly how to instill fear even among the most innocent creatures on earth. On 25 June 2012, after the death of a local Dalit youth Gunvant in Thorala area of Rajkot, police tyrannized Dalits.

On that fateful day, Karan was taking his lunch with his family members. Some policemen entered his home. One of them kicked Karan and another started beating his elder brother Mukesh. Their mother Jaya was so frightened that she started screaming and lost her consciousness. “Police arrested my other two elder sons,” Jaya told us. She has sent them to their native place.

On 30 June, 2012 we met Karan and other victims of police violence in Thorala. Raju Parmar, member of National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC) was also in the city to visit Thorala victims. We talked with Mr. Parmar and informed him about the atrocity on innocent kids. He asked us to come to collector office where almost all district officers were present. At collector office, Karan stripped his pent and showed injury on his private parts. Poor karan! Will he ever know that in his state entire administration has stripped of its cloths and it has been in a state of eternal nudity since 2002?

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  1. Raju Bhai,
    It was the Muslim community in 2002 an now the dalits who are target of the Caste-Hindus in Gujarat and many other parts of the country too. They cannot tolerate the progress of these communities, so trying to terrorize. Whenever and wherever social change has taken place such unfortunate things have come to the picture. We need to keep our struggle on so as to bring justice to millions of Karans who are victims of the system, whose base is the manusmriti.
    Best regards,